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May is here .. we’re headed into Summer

May 2nd, 2014 by Lamar Patton

Well it’s officially May..and I think everyone is looking forward to Summer.¬† We completed the last of our Spring tournaments on Friday. WE had 45 Purple Heart recipeints sign up, for our annual fishing Tournament.¬† There are sooo many people that work hard to make this day possible… and I want to Thank everyone that helped !!!¬† As for the Tournament itself,¬† I’m reminded every year, what a privelage it is to host these guys.¬† Our oldest was 96 this year, one of 3 WWII vets that we had. Our Youngest included the only “Known” couple, in which both of them have a Purple Heart.¬† A lot of great stories told, some nice fish caught !!!! We already have next years event on the calendar ..if you’d like to be a part of it .. send me a note.

As for Trout Fishing on Lake Taneycomo right now.. I would say it’s back into a normal pattern. After a spring where at times ..about the only place you could catch a fish was the creeks… WE’re seeing the trout population back in norma patterns, in the normal areas.

Thomas Gold/Red Spoon is still our best selling lure…¬†¬† Jigs change with the light, and water (which is getting VERY clear) Typical Olive / Ginger and Brown/ Black. I actually caught a nice 4lb Bow Wednesday on a White Jig.

Trout magnets, Candy Corn and Pink are our best two.  In Gulp our Bubble Gum Gulp Worms are still doing well.. as well as the normal four colors.. Orange Chartruese Pink and White


Remember … to check your boat when you get it out for the first time this year. Make sure your safety equipment is still good..and batteries are still hot.

Have a GREAT day on the Lake




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Spring Fishing Lake Taneycomo

April 10th, 2014 by Lamar Patton

Well we thing Spring has sprung this time… Ha Ha¬†¬†¬† It’s been a flurry of activity on Lake Taneycomo in March and so far in April.¬† We are starting to see some warmer temps, although the Almanac hasn’t ruled out another snow …. We are enjoying the warmer afternoons. The grass is turning green and trees are budding.. and Dogwoods are blooming.

For most of March.. we fished the creeks heavily. Trout were stacked in Turkey and Roark Creek, heck we even saw the illustrious Fly guides down here in the narly Bait fishing waters¬† … Ha

April fishing is mostly back in the main lake, with some numbers still being caught in Roark.¬†¬†¬† Water flows have been steady, as is typical Spring flow… once you see Table Rock get to 915.. SWPA / COE water plan calls for up to 15,000 cfs to be run, to maintain power pool.

Spoons, Trout Magnets, Scotty’s Taneycomo Jigs are working well in lures, as well as Rapalas¬†¬†¬† Night Crawlers on the live bait, with some folks choosing minnows.¬†¬† Chartruese Gulp, mixed with Pink or Orange has been the best in scented baits.

Watch for our Purple Heart Tournament on April 25th.. If you’d like to see the weigh in , it will be at 2pm.

Have a great day on the lake



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January fishing on Lake Taneycomo

January 25th, 2014 by Lamar Patton

We’ve seen some good fish already this winter. Makes you wonder if we won’t see another Missouri State record in February.. I hope we do.¬† Fishing this week was still great. January always offers weather challenges..but for those that have bundled up and made their plans, they’ve been rewarded with some good fish.¬† Jig fishing has remained good.. WE always do good this time of year on Crank Baits.. Your Rapalas, your Rebel Craws and your Trout Magnet Cranks.¬† Water has been running quite a bit, so cranks or maribou jigs or spoon/spinners have been doing great.¬† When wind permits our Orange/Chartruse Trout Magnet, or the light Pink under a float has done well..but again you need calm winds for this to work the best, otherwise you can just vertical them deeper with out a float.

Crappie are coming in well on Table Rock Lake as well as others… been having¬† to get out early to catch it calm.¬† Scotty’s has one of the most convienent and well stocked live bait assortments in Branson, MO¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† We’ve got our Minnows, Night Crawlers, Wax Worms that you can use for Lake Taneycomo Trout, or Bull Shoals Walleye or Crappie as well as¬† Table Rock Lake Bass, Crappie and catfish

Make sure you make your plans now … don’t stay inside and fret the cold.. get out and enjoy the lakes .. You’ll live longer.. lol

Whatever you do..bundle up.. make sure¬† you have adequate supplies.. Hand Warmers.. Gas .. Hot batteries.. it’s sometimes difficult in January to find other boaters on the water to help Be Prepared


Have a Great day on the lake



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Nice January Brown

January 14th, 2014 by Lamar Patton

Jack Mason, a local fisherman from Reeds Spring, MO shared this nice Brown Trout with us today. He enjoys fishing Lake Taneycomo in the winter, and was using a White Maribou Jig.¬† Jack said it took him a good bit of time to land him, and actually broke the first net he was using. With a length of 29.5″, a great example of a Branson, Lake Taneycomo trout.¬†¬†

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Lake Taneycomo Fishing with Scotty’s Trout Dock

January 11th, 2014 by Lamar Patton

Well the New Year has arrived.¬† The dock is brimming with activity with our annual Winter guests.¬† All our Spring groups and Tournaments are filling in nicely.¬† The weather on this day is Great.¬†¬† Good to see the old Sun out again.¬† Everyone always asks me about winter fishing.. it doesn’t differ much from the rest of the year, with the exception of the comfort and equipment of the fisherman, and usually less pressure on the lake ie. fewer fisherman than in the summer months.

Jigs are doing well right now, as well as the Trout Magnet.  This is our 5th year selling the Trout Magnet line, and it gets better every year.

Be aware that Duck season is still open on Lake Taneycomo untill the 26th… so that guy in the boat next to you may or may not be fishing¬†.¬† Missouri Dept of Conservation officers were on the lake this week doing their annual count..and said the populations are still strong as ever.

For 2014 as always, we’re excited about all our Customers and guests that have plans to spend time with us. Check back to see the few changes we have in store.¬† We’ll have some different hours available for boat rentals from Memorial Day to Labor Day… allowing some of our customers that like the evening time cruising to enjoy that. We’ve added 4 Bass Boats that will be in the mix for this year. I’ve talked to our fishing guides, (Shane Pearce¬† Bill Lawrence¬† John Sappington )¬†and we’re going to post more fishing reports than we have in the past… also will post time on our Facebook Page for “Scotty’s Trout Dock”¬† We of course, are in the Branson Lakeside RV Park, so look for some opportunities that will tie in with our Campground Friends.

The main thing we look forward to each year, is seeing all our friends that have supported our Family business over the years, and look forward to the new ones we make each year.

Give us a call.. Drop us a line..¬† Like us on Facebook¬† …¬†¬† and keep checking our website for new items… new pictures and updates.


Have a GREAT day on the Lake


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Summer is almost over… fishing is at its best right now

August 26th, 2013 by Lamar Patton

We’ve certainly had an eventful month on the lake.¬†¬† The Turkey Creek flood was devastating to many families and businesses, that are still trying to recover.¬† The very afternoon of it, the Corps of engineers opened spillways, just to keep Table Rock in check. I’m happy to report that all lakes in the White River system being in check. Bull shoals still a little high, but they appear to be running off about .33 per day, so time and dry weather will take care of that.

We’ve been catching nice fish the past week or so, using spoons, trout magnets and maribou jigs. Bait fishing is good with orange, sunrise or pink, mix them with white.

The lake is very clear.¬† Make sure you have your line very light.¬† 2# for jigs and trout magnets… heavier for spoons and cranks. Certainly no more than 6

Labor day is usually the end of the summer season for families. We certainly enjoy the family fishing season the most.  Thanks to all the Moms and Dads and Grandparents that brought their kids down to enjoy Trout fishing, in my opinion on a beautiful lake.

Get down here and enjoy the holiday, and make you’re plans to come during the fall and enjoy the cool and the color.


See you on the lake,




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The weather can’t stop the determined

May 1st, 2013 by Lamar Patton

Determination proved to be the prevailant attitude at this years Purple Heart Fishing tournament. One thing that remained the same, was the satisfaction we get every year that we are involved with this event.

Cold Damp and just plain Rainy describes the afternoon. Many of the boats left the Marina, just as the lightning subsided. WE had 32 participants this year that showed up. Over 46 had signed up, but many couldn’t participate with the weather as bad as it was.¬†¬† We didn’t see a ton of fish, but we saw a ton of smiles , on a determined group of men and women that were enjoying they’re annual fishing tournament.

First Prize went to  Gary Cooper.. a first timer in the tournament. A Decorated Vietnam Veteran, he weathered through the rain and the cold, and weighed the biggest limit of the day.

Thanks a million goes out to all our partners in this event : Branson Tourism Center, Jim Thompson, Mike Webb, NABATAK (they supply all the bait and the stringers) Jerry and Marti Worley who help and provide the weighted leaders, and to the  many boat captains and helpers that volunteered to help.

We’re already planning for next year, and one thing we’ve already booked is SUNSHINE ….¬†¬† Join us won’t you ?



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Spring Fishing is ON !!!!

March 11th, 2013 by Lamar Patton

Many say the best kept secret is winter fishing… I say it’s NO SECRET Taneycomo fishing is HOT all the time. We’re now getting into the spring weather.. the time change means we have more hours in the day.¬† We have had some great fishing this last week !! The annual Joe Witte tournament this weekend was a huge success..with 58 teams and the big fish going almost 4 lbs…

The campground is starting to get busy… the boats are renting fast so let us know if we can get your family on a boat soon.

Thanks for your continued business…and have a great day on the lake !!


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Fall Fishing and Lake Taneycomo Life

September 24th, 2012 by Lamar Patton

Everyone always asks me when the best time to fish is.¬†¬† I always say anytime you can, but I must say I am most fond of fishing in the fall. We’ve had several GREAT weeks of weather. Looks like right now we’re in a pattern of cool nights and warm/hot days.¬† The good news is it’s officially fall…and that’s a GREAT time to fish.

We’re doing well on the new Garlic Power Bait from Berkley. Spoons continue to do well as do Black/Brown jigs, and Pink Trout Magnets.¬† Nightcrawlers are the most popular live bait in September and October.

I snapped this picture, of a beautiful Drake Wood Duck Saturday..though yall might enjoy it as much as I did..

Get to the lake.. and let’s go Fishing

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Labor Day looking goood !!!!

August 31st, 2012 by Lamar Patton

We are getting a much needed rain from Issac today.. I’m no weather man, but from the looks of the radar.. we should be clear by in the morning..¬†¬† Weather looks great. Fishing is great right now on everything.. if you like bait or lures… it’s alll working.

Have a safe Holiday ..and come see us at the lake

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